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These are some of my projects:

    • A 3D stealth-action game where you fight the forces that are harming nature by teaming up with an AI wolf companion
    • I led a team of 15+ people using agile development methodologies and concentric design principals.
    • Maintained an overall vision for the game and interfaced with every discipline to ensure that the finished has a consistent feel, design, and look.
    • Worked on a team of 20 to develop a 2D co-op platformer.
    • I acted as a VFX engineer writing custom shaders to create effects like swaying plants, reflective water, animatied glowing objects, and deformed sprites.
    • A Multiplayer Networked Zombie Survival Game built with Unity
    • 1 - 4 player coop survival game where players must team up to survive the zombie apocalypse
  • Zoom Pinball
    • Pinball game made for CTIN 484/489 at USC
    • A mash up of frogger and pinball built with Unity and scripted in C#
    • One page website built for Nation Collective that utilizes canvas animations
    • AI heavy 3D game built with Unreal Engine and C++
    • 3D Networked multiplayer strategy game about manipulating the environment around you
    • Developed with Unity 3D and scripted in C#
  • wave-visualizer
    • mp3 waveform music visualizer made with Processing
  • Again
    • A minimalist, endless, arcade game developed with Unity 3D

Work experience: